Where my spring is?

I come from one of the most beautiful environments – from a thousand-year-old spring Vrujci in the northwestern part of Serbia. I am located in the picturesque valley of the river Toplice, at the foot of the Suvobor, Divčibare and Rajac mountains.

My home, Banja Vrujci spa is a real gem of this region thanks to the hot springs, slightly mineral, calcium-magnesium water which is used to treat rheumatism, arthritis and infertility.

Banja Vrujci spa has earned the epithet of the spa that heals. Traces of material culture and popular tradition show that the region around the Banja Vrujci has been inhabited since ancient days because the areas around the mineral springs have always been the most suitable places to live.

Who I am?

My name is VODAVODA. I am composed and designed by nature at a depth of 605 meters. I am naturally filtrated through layers of limestone, I am absolutely clear and biologically clean.

Thanks to a well-balanced composition, I am a perfect unity of minerals and salts, ideal for everyday use. My bottling directly from the spring keeps authentic purity without any processing.

Many people ask me why I am square bottled. Every drop of mine carries life in itself and I am the link between people and the nature. I have chosen the packaging which is unique, rational and pragmatic and I have adapted it to your needs so it can be at hand at all times.

My mission

Nature is my home, and I protect my home. In my key mission to bring the best of nature to the people, I try to preserve my environment but also the environment of all of us.

Therefore, my bottling is done by using modern technology that ensures perfect working conditions without environmental pollution. The most advanced production does not impair the environment because there is no additional processing or adaptation.

Why you should choose me?

Because I in myself combine best-in-class technology, quality as well as leading experts who every day enable me to reach you in my authentic form.