нов 29, 2016 | Blog

When it comes to hydration of the body, each expert will agree with the fact that the lack of water in the body can create serious health problems. Those who exercise regularly should first of all pay attention to the amount of liquid they ingest. Even greater danger lies in the fact that we are often not aware of being dehydrated. See what the three most common signs of dehydration are.


Your body is constantly losing fluids and with them the essential salts such as sodium and potassium salts. When that happens, the chemical composition of your blood changes and the brain is extremely sensitive to this because less oxygen reaches it. For this reason, headaches can then occur.

The more dehydrated you are headaches are stronger and more frequent. Blood vessels then begin to dilate because of dehydration and the headache grows stronger. Two liters of water is the minimum amount of liquid that you need during the day.


The reason for this is a high concentration of harmful substances in the urine. When you drink a lot of water these substances can be easily eliminated from the body, but when this is not the case, they are retained in the urine, and it has a stronger color and odour.


As with the previous item, the lack of water prevents harmful substances to pass through the colon and out of the body. Therefore, the food remains in the intestine and leads to constipation.