нов 29, 2016 | Blog

People who train professionally or recreationally often have a greater need for water. If you experience fatigue during training it is a must to take a bottle of VODAVODA with you. The ideal amount of water to be ingested will help the heart to pump blood more efficiently and thus speed up oxygen and several other forms of essential nutrients to the cells. Water prevents muscle fatigue, lubricates joints and thus enables the exercise to be stronger and to last longer.

Maintaining energy and a good balance of fluids play an important role during sports activities.

In spite of increased intake of liquids during workout, many athletes can expect to be at least mildly dehydrated at the end of training. Ideally, an athlete should fully restore fluid losses after one exercise program to be able to start the next program with equal amounts of fluids. This is difficult in situations where the level of dehydration from moderate to high has not been previously regulated (i.e. when lack of liquid is 2-5% BM (body mass) and more) and when the period between workouts is less than 6 – 8 hours.

Sweating and mandatory loss of liquid through urine continues during the recovery stage and therefore athletes have to compensate more liquid than the deficit after exercise to achieve its regeneration. It is necessary to compensate for the volume of liquid of about 150% that is lost during exercise in order to achieve a balance of fluid within the first 4 to 6 hours after training.

VODAVODA natural mineral water, thanks to the balanced ratio of salts and minerals, is an ideal choice for all athletes!